November 13, 2014


For the past month or so I've been getting daily headaches. They get so bad that they are debilitating and so painful I've cried and have begged for help. I found out this week that there is a good chance I could have intercranial hypertension. Basically this is a build up of spinal fluid and to get rid of the pressure caused by the build up you have to have a spinal tap done. A spinal tap has to be done every so often because the pressure builds up again and needs to be released. With these spinal taps you need to be put under anesthesia to make sure your body is in the correct possition. On of my IV meds, doxycyxline, has been known to cause this. 

My hope is that this isn't the cause of my headaches and that a much easier fix will be the answer. I go to the specialist in 11 days. I'm nervous and just praying for an easier out come than intercranial hypertension. 

Also, if you didn't know when Ava was born she was tested for Lyme disease and she tested positive. So far she hasn't shown any signs but just as a precaution our lyme doc wants to do a lyme test on her from her urine every couple of months to keep an eye on it. So please pray that she is lyme free and will get a clean bill of health. I would take on anything to make sure she could be happy and healthy! 

I would greatly appreciate your prayers and support. 

Thank you

June 22, 2014


First I want to give an update on my new treatment protocol. I'm herxing really bad. I think I forgot how badly herxing can be. It's a good thing because it means the treatment is working so I'm focussing on that to get through. Okay, I'm doing my best to focus on that. 

It's hard because it's summer and there is so much I want to do with the girls but physically can't. We are making memories and doing fun things in our own way. We've made lots of cakes and cookies. Next up is trying cake pops. Life may not be what I dream it to be or want it to be but it's what we have to deal with right now and we make the best of it! The kids are asking less and less why I'm sick and we are focused on doing things to focus on fun and positive things and not mommy being sick. We are hoping to drive to Mississippi and visit my best friend in July. I really hope we can do that because I miss her and I haven't gotten to spend as much time with my beautiful goddaughter! 
So now we have a decision to make in regards to Ava. My sister will be having a baby in a couple of weeks, I'm do freaking excited!!!! Last night my mom told me that we won't be allowed around the baby unless we have the vaccine that protects against whooping cough. I have no problem with this. I believe in vaccinations and my 4 oldest kids are vaccinated and if they need the vaccine to protect against whooping cough then they will get it. However, Ava is different. 

With Ava we haven't done any vaccinations because she tested positive at birth for Lyme and possibly co infections. When you are given a vaccination it lowers your immune system well if Ava was to get it then with her immune system lowered it can cause the Lyme that is dormant to become active. 

Hubby and I have been debating for a while if we should start her on vaccinations but just do one at a time and not combinations. We haven't decided because there are good arguments for both sides. 

Every parent of a Lyme parent has told me that their child's Lyme got worse when they got the vaccinations. I haven't just talked to one but to several maybe over 15. I also deal with the pain of Lyme and I just couldn't imagine putting my child through the pain of Lyme but at the same time what if she gets one of the diseases that the vaccinations cover. 

This is just a hard decision and I don't know what to do. Ava is such a happy little girl and while, she is small for her age and still has to be on a special formula overall she is a very healthy girl. I just don't want her to be in pain and siffer. I don't want any of my kids to. 

So know I guess we pray about it, doing more research, talk more, and decide what our course will be. I have to be honest, somedays being a parent is hard :-/

June 18, 2014

Turning 2

Ava Paige is turning 2 today! It's so hard to believe that this is happening today. It feels like yesterday we found out I was pregnant and now she is an amazon 2 year old. I'm handling this harder than last year. I guess her turning 1 if felt like she was still a baby but now she is 2 and she is no longer a baby. She is a beautiful little girl! She has spread her wings this last year and learned so many things. She will spread those wings once again and will learn more this next year, I know I have to let her go but it is hard. She is my baby and I love her more than anything I could explain!

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone